Friday, 26 May 2017


Portsmouth DJ Exploits Manchester Terror Victims to Promote Hate Speech
Spotted Portsmouth can shockingly expose a Portsmouth DJ who is currently exploiting the victims of Monday's terror attack to promote his sick and twisted views.
Far-right extremist Alex Fowlie has posted a string of hate-fuelled diatribes on social media in an attempt to stir-up tension and mistrust of Muslims following the tragic events in Manchester.
The rants largely seem to be copied from Facebook pages he follows, including Britain First, the English Defence League [EDL], the neo-Nazi Infidels of Britain and various far-right football hooligan fan pages.
In one post he describes Islam as "a twisted religion", calling for it to be banned in "our country" and demanded to know why "uneducated left wing, liberals, feminists and falafel munchers" were sticking-up for Muslims - seemingly oblivious to the fact that Muslims have vehemently condemned the work of extremists and have themselves been the victim of terror tactics.
On the attacks he bizarrely claims, ""even moderate Muslims don't condemn it...they are warped by a twisted religion."
In another post he urges people to attack Muslims and added, "It's [sic] isn't the British way at all."
Whilst Muslim policemen and paramedics assisted victims in Manchester on Monday night, whilst Muslim tax drivers chauffeured victims home for free, whilst Muslim doctors and nurses battled to save the lives and limbs of victims in the Manchester Royal Infirmary, Fowlie was sat in his bedroom in a semi in leafy Emsworth spewing his vile, bigoted view to anyone who would listen.
When people picked-him up on his distasteful views Fowlie replied with a string of abuse, calling people "c**ts", "retards" and even mocking the poor saying, "Let me know if any of you need dropping off on route to the food bank. Peasants."
27-year-old Fowlie, of Crowbsury Close, Emsworth lists top local clubnight Love Amplified as his work, but the club refute that and are keen to distance themselves from the neo-Nazi.
"He used to promote for us but then started his own event, but just to make it 100% clear we do not share the same views," Love Amplified's Daniel Black told Spotted Portsmouth
"He's not playing on My stage at Mutiny Festival," he added.
Spotted Portsmouth investigations reveal that foul-mouthed Fowlie - who has a penchant for dressing as a cross between a cast member of TOWIE and a teenage girl - actually "works" for his own non-entity of a club night called Shift Feest - if you've never heard of them it's no surprise, they're next "major" event is at a bar in Bognor Regis in July.
Spotted have contacted Mutiny Festivals to ask if Fowlie is appearing at this year's event, but have not yet had a response

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