Saturday, 4 February 2017


Below is a repost of an article we published on our Facebook page on Friday 3rd February 2017 at 10am.

Mysteriously this post vanished from our page overnight with no warning, reason or explanation.

Usually when Facebook removes a post it will send notifications and emails to the individual admin team members explaining why and when a post was removed, and possibly further issuing a warning and temporary block (or permanent banning) on a profile or page for breaching Facebook's "community standards". In this instance none of this happened; no notifications, no emails, no warnings, no blocking and no banning - the post just vanished.

In the many years the admin of Spotted Portsmouth have all worked in social media we have never, ever encountered this before. Whether the authorities are protecting Max Brown, or he has influence somewhere within Facebook, we cannot say. But he deserves the spotlight - and a lasting Google search result - for the serious sexual assault he was convicted of on Friday 20th January 2017 at Portsmouth Crown Court.

Please share this post far and wide and let sex attackers know their crimes will not be forgotten so easily!!!

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Portsmouth University Sex Offender Max Bown convicted of a serious sexual assault at Portsmouth Crown Court

A Portsmouth University Law student has been spared jail for a serious and brutal sexual assault because his solicitor claimed 'it would damage this young man at the start of his career'.

24-year-old student Max Brown, of Western Parade, Southsea was found guilty of the sex attack at Portsmouth Crown Court on 20th January.

The court sentenced him to 24-months imprisonment, but suspended it following the plea from his defence team. It is claimed that Brown also struggles with an alcohol problem.

The attack took place on 26th April last year and Brown was convicted of assaulting a female of 13 and over* by penetration in breach of the Sex Offences Act 2003.

Brown was also issued a rehabilitation activity requirement of 30-days. Due to the serious nature of the assault the court placed Brown on the Sex Offenders Register for 10-years.

Despite the conviction the University of Portsmouth have attempted to whitewash the case, allowing Brown to continue his degree in Law and participate fully in the social life of the body. He remains an active member of several student societies including both the American Football squad and Rugby team, for which he has played in the 1st XI.

Brown was also ordered to pay an £140 surcharge.

[* Please note, the victim was NOT a child; 'a female of 13 and over' is just the legal wording fo the Sex Offences ACT 2003).

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